Eric Metoyer, Program Director

Eric serves as the Assistant Director for the Aviation Department at OU’s Max Westheimer Airport.  Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Aviation from the University of Oklahoma, was commissioned into the United States Navy in December 1995, and was winged as a Naval Flight Officer in June 1997.   Eric retired from the Navy after 21 years of service.

During his Navy career, he flew a Mission Commander on the EP-3 Aries II and P-3 series of aircraft.  Eric also flew as an Instructor Navigator at Randolph AFB, TX training over 300 Air Force and Navy students per year on T-43 aircraft.  Additionally, Eric held positions as a squadron Training Officer, Assistant Operations Officer, and an Action Officer under the Joint Chiefs of Staff J5 working with Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  He flew approximately 3,000 hours to include combat flights in support of ground forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Later in his career, Eric earned his MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland-University College.  He then transferred into the Navy’s then new Information Professional community where he served as the C5I Officer (ship’s Chief Information Officer) on USS BATAAN, helped establish the Defense Department’s first ever service-led Cyber Security Inspection teams, and reviewed the cybersecurity posture of the military’s nuclear and space assets.

Upon retirement, Eric joined one of the country’s largest IT companies and managed a customer’s Network Operations Center servicing over 150,000 network switches and servers spread throughout the country.  Wanting to get back to his aviation roots, Eric was excited to apply and be selected for the Assistant Director position of the very program from which he graduated.

Todd Hubbard, EdD, Clarence E. Page Professor of Aviation

Todd Hubbard is a Professor and serves as the Clarence E. Page Professor of Aviation. Hubbard earned his BA in History at Oklahoma State University and was commissioned into the USAF in May 1974 and retired from the USAF in 1995. During his USAF career he flew and commanded the KC-135, T-37 trainer, U-2, T1-A aircraft. He served as commander of Loring Maine's T-37 accelerated copilot enrichment program, twice commanded the 4402 reconnaissance squadron (provisional) at King Fahad Air Base, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and commanded the Services Squadron at Beale AFB CA. As a U-2 high altitude reconnaissance pilot he flew 60 missions on behalf of the President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the United Nations, foreign customers, and theater commanders in all worldwide regions. Hubbard flight experience includes nearly 2,000 hours in the KC-135 and T-37 and more than 1100 hours in the U-2R, TR-1A, and U-2C models of the high altitude reconnaissance aircraft from worldwide locations. Served as a Reconnaissance Staff Officer for NATO (1989-1992). As a Tactical/Evaluation observer pilot for NATO, flew missions in the RF-4C and F-16. Hubbard earned his MS from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (international campus) in 1987. Following USAF retirement he worked as an instructional designer/programmer and E-3 AWACS simulation for the Boeing Company in Midwest City, OK and was a contract instructional systems designer for the University of Oklahoma, building courseware for Federal Aviation Administration air traffic controllers at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City. Hubbard earned his Education doctorate from Oklahoma State University in May 2000. Hubbard served as an Associate Professor and the Clarence E. Page and program coordinator at Oklahoma State University until 2012 when he was selected as an Associate Professor and Clarence E. Page at the University of Oklahoma.

Robert Dionne, PhD, Associate Professor

Dr. Dionne is an Associate Professor in Aviation in OU Extended Campus at the University of Oklahoma.  He holds a BS in Society and Technology (Transportation Management) from the State University of New York, a Masters in Aviation Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) from Oklahoma State University in Applied Educational Studies (Aviation and Space Science), and a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education from Oklahoma State University in Occupational Education.

Dr. Dionne has instructed graduate and undergraduate students in aviation for many years. He currently is teaching courses concerning airline management, research techniques, and aerospace contract administration, where active, student-centered learning is emphasized. During the final undergraduate semester, students participate in a culminating class called senior capstone, taught by Dr. Dionne. In this class, students must demonstrate self-directed, active learning and research skills.  Because research in emphasized in all courses, Dr. Dionne brings his own research and professional experience to the learners.

His experience includes owning a small business, managing in large organizations, and dealing with complex customer service issues. Dr. Dionne spent many years working for commuter airlines before moving to a major U.S. air carrier.  He then transitioned to major aerospace electronics manufacturing organizations where he worked in the program management office on airborne and ocean electronic systems design, development, and manufacturing. He went on to manage and operate a contract aircrew training center for a major airline (121 carrier).  Working for an aircrew simulator manufacturer, he was responsible for managing various aspects of commercial aircrew training systems, military aircrew training systems, and logistics support of aircrew training systems. He was assigned responsibility for managing the implementation of wide-area networked voice and data communications systems and managed the program management office with responsibility for contracts and customers in the western half of the United States.

Dr. Dionne holds a pilot’s license and an airframe and powerplant license (A and P). As an experienced technician, he is also a long-time member of the Experimental Aircraft Association. His research interests include program management, organizational, and adult learning, and knowledge management in the aerospace industry. 

Flight Instructors

Jake Arrendondo
Tom Bishop
Nick Brummond
Brad Burgess
Gregory Carmichael
Gregory Christenson
Giancarlo Ciulla
Victoria Croney
Griffin Fitzgerald
Ross Hastings
Brennan Jackson
Bill Kreikemeier
David Lane
Reid Lohmann
Brendan O'Toole
Brian Seelig
Byron Semrau
Luke Suey
Grant Taylor
Mark Thiel
Michael Tonielli
David Walsh
Scott Wardrop

Administrative Assistants

Office Manager
Anita Williams

Rick Barton
Paige Bruce

Aircraft Maintenance

Robert Carroll
Travis Carson
Mike Doshier
Ryan O’Neill

Westheimer Tower

Tower Manager
Brian Wakley

Hosea Huerlong
Ken Ryan
Kris Rogers
Scott Amy

Steven Gullberg, PhD, Associate Professor

Steve Gullberg is an Associate Professor of Aviation and Interdisciplinary Studies. He earned a Master of Liberal Studies degree from the University of Oklahoma and a PhD in Astronomy from James Cook University.

In high-school Gullberg was in Civil Air Patrol. Following high school he worked with ground services for a new regional airline. He enlisted in the Navy and was later commissioned in the Army. He subsequently transferred to the USAF/Air National Guard where he flew as a Weapon Systems Officer on F-4 Phantoms. Later he served as a Navigator on C-130 Hercules aircraft. Gullberg also served as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer and a Wing Comptroller. After serving as Director of Region Reserve Forces he retired from the Air Force Reserve, following a total of 32 years military service.

Gullberg flew as a primary flight instructor in Cessna and Piper aircraft and also served as a corporate pilot. He then flew as a regional airline pilot prior to joining Trans World Airlines (TWA) as a Second Officer/Flight Engineer. Gullberg was promoted to First Officer and Captain and holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with type-ratings on Boeing 727, 757, and 767 aircraft, Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas DC9/MD-80 aircraft, and Embraer-145 aircraft. He qualified for a Flight Engineer Turbojet certificate, serving on the Boeing 727 and the Lockheed L-1011. He also holds a Barbados Airline Transport Pilot Land certificate with a type-rating for Boeing/McDonnell-Douglas MD-80 aircraft. He has nearly 15,000 hours of flight experience. TWA asked Gullberg to serve as a Check Airman and Instructor Pilot on the MD-80, and he also served as Assistant Managing Director of Flight Operations Training, where he led an interdepartmental team to develop and introduce the first Computer Based Training (CBT) for the airline's MD-80 fleet. Gullberg additionally wrote TWA’s MD-80 Aircraft Flight Handbook section on navigation and in it introduced this aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS) for the first time. Following American Airlines’ purchase of TWA, Gullberg served as a Captain for American as well. He is retired from American Airlines. Gullberg worked to add the MD-80 to another airline’s FAA operating certificate and trained its pilots to fly it. He then went on to work on start-up teams for the certification of two new airlines, one in the US and one in Barbados. Gullberg has served as Chief Check Airman, Director of Training, Chief Pilot, and Director of Flight Operations, where he hired and supervised pilots, flight attendants, dispatchers, and their managers.

OU Extended Campus has awarded Gullberg its Superior Teaching Award twice and also its Faculty Achievement Award. He has published internationally and is a member of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), the world-wide organization of astronomers that, among many other things, is responsible for having removed Pluto as a planet. His doctoral field expeditions included research nearly 15,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains of Peru.

Stephen West, Air Traffic-Controller Training Initiative (AT-CTI) Director

Steve West has more than 20 years of experience in the field of air traffic control. West has worked in many types of facilities, including an En Route Air Traffic Control Center, Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACONs), and VFR Towers. While with the FAA, West served as an EEO counselor in the Southwest Region. 

West has more than nine years experience as an air traffic control instructor, subject matter expert, and supervisor at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. He has been with the University of Oklahoma Aviation Department since Fall 2006, serving as an adjunct instructor prior to his selection as AT-CTI Director.

West has a degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma, graduating with distinction. He enjoys educational pursuits, and considers himself to be a lifelong learner. He also enjoys travel, road trips, music, cooking, and being outside when the weather is warm.

Eric Wydra, Chief Flight Instructor

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and was commissioned a 2nd Lt into the United States Air Force in November 1985 and immediately entered USAF Pilot Training.   Eric retired from the Air Force after 30 years of active duty service.

During his Air Force career, he was an instructor pilot in both the C-141 and KC-10 and was a qualified aircraft commander in the C-17.  He has accrued over 4000 worldwide hours in multiple USAF aircraft to include 1100 instructor and flight examiner hours.  Additionally, Eric held positions as a flying squadron commander, Vice Wing commander, and deployed Joint Air Operations Commander and Director of Mobility Forces for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).  

Eric also served an assignment as the Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Oklahoma's Air Force ROTC detachment.  Following this position, he went on to be the national commander for Air Force ROTC and oversaw the training of 13,000+ cadets at 145 detachments nationwide. 

During his career, Eric earned an MA in Computer Resource Management from Webster University, an MA in Military Art and Science from Air Command and Staff College and an MA in Strategic Studies from Air War College .  

Upon retirement, Eric joined and was a Senior Operations Manager at two Amazon Fulfillment Centers. With a strong desire to return to flying and instructing he has returned to the leadership cadre of the School.

Dave McClurkin, Chief Flight Instructor

Retired USAF

As former Chief Flight Instructor for the OU Dept of Aviation for more than 14 years, Dave McClurkin has extensive experience in FAA flight instruction and education. McClurkin was a line and staff weather officer in the USAF for 21 years and during this career was an Aerial Weather Reconnaissance Officer on WC-130 typhoon reconnaissance mission in the Pacific flying over 1,000 flight hours and penetrating 75 typhoons for the DoD critical forecasting readiness for the Pacific Command. McClurkin has his ATP Commercial privileges SE Land and CFI /CFII/MEI certificate ratings. He has more than 8,600 flight hours and more than 5,200 flight instructor flight hours. He holds a BA degree in Physics from Coe College and a MS in Systems Management from University of Southern California.  He attended USAF meteorology training at Texas A&M in 1975 is a graduate of the USAF Squadron Officer’s School and the USAF Air Command and Staff College. McClurkin has taught Turbine Transition, CFI seminar, Aircraft Multi Engine courses for OU. McClurkin retired from the University of Oklahoma in 2015 and became a senior adjunct aviation flight educator.

Monica Emamian Assistant Chief Flight Instructor   

Monica started her journey at the University of Oklahoma in 2013 as a professional pilot major. While going through the program she earned her Private and Commercial Licenses with Instrument Rating along with Multi-Engine Commercial License. While at OU, she was the founder and President of the Women in Aviation Sooner Chapter. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Aviation in May 2017 and continues to be the Faculty Advisor for the WIA Sooner Chapter. 

In June 2017, she joined the department as a flight instructor and shortly after received her Certified Flight Instructing Instrument rating. Her passion for aviation started at a young age when she had the opportunity to ride along on several Angel Flights. Ever since then she’s loved the field and had a goal of helping people in need by being a volunteer pilot for Angel Flights. 

Ross Ellis, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Ross Ellis joined the Department of Aviation in January of 2018 after earning his Certified Flight Instructor Certificate, Airplane Single Engine Land. He also holds his CFII certificate. While completing his flight training at OU, he spent three years as an Investigator for the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board. Ross holds a bachelor’s degree from Portland State University in Criminology and Criminal Justice. From 2007 through 2015 Ross served in the United States Coast Guard as a Heavy Weather Search and Rescue Boat Coxswain and was qualified to operate the 47' Motor Lifeboat, 25' and 29' Response Boat Small, and Underway Officer of the Deck on the USCGC Liberty. During his service, Ross was recognized for his contributions toward the development of a first of its kind training curriculum for Rescue and Survival Systems Petty Officers. He accumulated nearly 1,500 small boat underway hours on 741 missions, and two years of sea time while stationed aboard a 110' cutter in Alaska where he was decorated for heroic achievement.

Phillip Donihoo, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor

Phillip Donihoo is a graduate of East Central University, where he completed his undergraduate studies in 1998. Donihoo worked as an educator at Whitebead School in Pauls Valley for the past 14 years, serving as the Music Director for Instrumental, Vocal, Music Theatre, and General Music Education, and as Assistant Football Coach. He also worked outside of school as Ranch Foreman for the Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Facility, and as a commercial pilot, flying low level aerial pipeline patrol, and offering Part 61 flight instruction. 

In addition to education, Donihoo has a lifelong passion for aviation, beginning his Part 61 training in 1992, earning his Private Pilot Certificate in1994, Instrument Rating in1995, Commercial Certificate in 1997, and Certified Flight Instructor in 2017. Donihoo enjoys teaching, music and the arts, hunting and fishing, and traveling the country in his 182.

Adjunct Faculty

Ken Carson

Retired, Director OU, Department of Aviation

Ken Carson completed his undergraduate degree and received his air force commission through ROTC at the University of Oklahoma in 1981. After attending pilot training he commanded peacetime, wartime, and special operations missions in the WC-130 (weather reconnaissance) and C-5 (global heavy airlift). During these assignments Carson served as aircraft commander, instructor, and flight examiner in varied squadron management and leadership positions to include ops director and commander. Carson also served in a multitude of staff and leadership positions at the operational wing and headquarters (Air Mobility Command, US Transportation Command, and Dept of the Air Force air staff (pentagon) levels.)  

Carson has more than 4,400 international flying hours and holds FAA: CFI, AGI, commercial (single and multi engine) and instrument ratings. He has instructed extensively in the fields of aviation operational risk management, crew resource management, aviation safety, organizational total quality management (TQM), and global and regional logistics/supply chain transportation management.

Carson has a master's degree in aviation from Embry-Riddle and a master of strategic studies from the U.S. Army War College. He possess extensive professional military education and was certified as a joint (air, land, sea) staff officer and joint logistics transportation planner. Carson enjoys teaching, aviation, and is an avid golfer. He volunteers a great amount of his weekends towards instructing and organizing junior golf events for the Oklahoma Golf Association and USGA.

Glenn Schaumburg

Retired, Director OU, Department of Aviation; Retired USAF

As the former Director of the Aviation Department for over 17 years, Glenn Schaumburg has extensive experience both in management and teaching. He was an FAA computer testing course manager, and an FAA airmen certification representative. Schaumburg has extensive experience in courseware development and served as a developer and subject matter expert in the contractor-developed aircrew and maintenance computer based training course ware for the Navy’s T-45 and the Air Force C-17 aircraft. Performing for ACE Schaumburg has conducted numerous site visits at government, military, and contractor locations. He holds a BA degree in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Nebraska and a master’s degree in Human Relations from OU. He is a retired USAF Lt. Colonel B-52 pilot with more than 5,000 hours of flight time. He has extensive leadership and management experience and held staff positions in both major command and numbered air force jobs. He is a graduate of the USAF Squadron Officer’s School, the US Army’s Command and General Staff College, the Defense Management College, and the Air War College (by seminar). Schaumburg taught courses while Director: Crew Resource Management, Aviation Law, and Aviation Safety. At retirement he developed the Aviation Safety Course online and currently teaches it.

Jim Hamm

Retired, Director OU, FAA ATC Contract and Director, OU FAA AT-CTI Program

Jim Hamm is a retired FAA Air Traffic Controller, supervisor, and manager, possesses Commercial Pilot, Flight and Ground Instructor certificates, and has more than 45 years’ experience in Aviation, Air Traffic Control, and ATC Training. He is also a military veteran having served in the United States Air Force and holds an FAA Airframe and power plant mechanic certificate with Inspection Authorization. He holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management (1975) and a Masters in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma in 2006. Hamm was an instructor, supervisor, and manager of the OU FAA Academy contract from 1997 to 2008. Hamm has been an Adjunct Professor since 2005 and served as OU Aviation AT-CTI Director and Professor from 2007 through 2010, when he retired from OU. Hamm designed and developed OU’s Air Traffic Control curriculum and syllabi for the ATC minor and ATC concentration in Air Traffic Management.

George Hicks , Senior Flight Instructor

George Hicks began his flight training as a member of the first class of Aviation Degree Candidates at the University of Oklahoma in September 1977.  He graduated in 1980 with a Commercial Pilot Certificate, Airplane Single and Multi-Engine Land and Certificated Flight Instructor Ratings, Instrument Instructor, Multi Engine Instructor, Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor Certificates.   George graduated from US Army Flight Training in 1981 as the Distinguished Honor Graduate and served 16 years in the US Army. He served as a Night Vision Goggle PIC on OH-58 and UH-1 Aircraft and was qualified on AH-1 and MD 530 Helicopters.  He finished his military career as a Contracting Officer and worked on several high priority research and development programs for US Army Special Operations Command.  Hicks has accumulated more than 2,300 hours flight time in both fixed wing and rotorcraft and has an MBA from Golden State University.

Rick Dubler

Rick is a 1985 OU graduate with a degree in what is now Health and Exercise Science. He came to OU Career Services in 2009 after more than 20 years of employee development and training in customer service and sales. He utilizes this ample experience as the student point of contact for not only the Department of Aviation but also the Gallogly College of Engineering, the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy, the College of Architecture, the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences. Rick is also responsible for planning, coordinating, and executing all student programming for Career Services, is the adjunct instructor of the Aviation Department’s Career Development class and the College of Engineering’s Career Planning class. When Rick is not completing projects around his Edmond home for his wife, he is a rabid OU football fan as well as an Oklahoma City Thunder fan.

David Lodes, Senior Flight Instructor

David Lodes graduated from US Army Flight Training in 1974 and served 36 years in the US Army and US Army National Guard. He served as PIC and Flight Instructor on OH-58, UH-1, AH-1, C-12 (King Air 200) and Sherpa (Shorts SD-3) and served two tours in Iraq in 2003 and 2005. After retiring in 2009, Lodes continued his education at the University of Oklahoma for four semesters obtaining CFI, and MEI certificates.

His flight experience includes Part 135 operations with EMS operators, General Aviation flight instruction and operations, US Army aviation including 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment affiliation, and flight instructor for Singapore Air Force.

Lodes has accumulated more than 10,000 hours flight time in both fixed wing and rotorcraft.

Dave Melton, PhD

Dave Melton is an active Department of Defense air traffic controller. He has 25 years of air traffic control experience four radar approach controls and four air traffic control towers both in the United States and in three foreign countries. He currently serves as a Supervisory Air Traffic Controller at Tinker Air Force Base. Additionally, Melton is the Tower Simulation Systems administrator at Tinker, where he develops, designs, and maintains training scenarios vital to a robust on-the-job training program. Melton has held nearly every air traffic control certification the United States Air Force offers. He served as facility manager for Tinker Air Force Base control tower, Tuzla Air Traffic Control Tower, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kunsan Radar Approach Control, Republic of Korea, and Operations Superintendent for Tinker’s 34th Combat Communications Squadron. Additionally, he has been Chief of Air Traffic Control Training and Standardization for two facilities. Melton has graduated the USAF Terminal Instrument Procedures, and Military Airspace Management Courses.

Melton earned Summa Cum Laude honors at Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he earned his BS in Aviation Management in 2007. He earned his MS in Aerospace Administration and Logistics through Southeastern Oklahoma State in 2008. Finally, Melton earned his Doctorate of Education through Oklahoma State University in 2013.

Dan Wacker

USAF Retired; Air Traffic Control

Daniel Wacker joined the University of Oklahoma Aviation Department in January 2012 as an Adjunct Instructor. Wacker has more than 20 years of experience in the Air Traffic Control career field. Wacker retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2011. Wacker worked as a Radar Approach Controller, Radar Finals Controller, VFR Tower Controller, VFR Tower Watch Supervisor, Terminal Instrument Procedures Specialist (TERPS), Master Instructor and Superintendent of USAF TERPS Training. Wacker works as a contractor with Digital iBIZ supporting the FAA Flight Technologies and Procedures Division; Flight Procedures Branch.

Wacker earned an AS in Liberal Studies from Minnesota State University, AS in Airway Science and Instructor of Technology and Military Science from the Community College of the Air Force and a BS in Applied Science and Technology (Air Traffic Control) from Thomas Edison State College.

Anne Walther

Air Traffic Control

Anne Walther completed her undergraduate work at Valparaiso University, graduating with a BS in Biology. She is a registered Medical Technologist, and worked for four years in Indiana hospital laboratories before joining the FAA in 1985. She was an air traffic controller in Bloomington and Peoria Illinois, with positions as a Controller, Support Specialist, Operations Supervisor, and Air Traffic Manager. In 2006, she moved to Oklahoma City and has since been employed at the FAA Academy as a Contract Instructor in the Tower domain. In 2014, she graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Master’s Degree in Aerospace Administration and Logistics. She is also a certified paralegal and a State of Oklahoma Notary Public. 

Carla Murphy

Carla Murphy has 36 years experience in Private Pilot Ground School instruction. Since 1979, Murphy has taught Pvt. Pilot Ground/Intro. to Aviation at Oklahoma University, Rose State College, University of Central Oklahoma, and Midwest City High School, where she also taught World and U.S. histories. Murphy has developed and taught courses in Aviation History at both the high school and college levels. Murphy completed her undergraduate degree at University of Central Oklahoma in History Education and a Master’s degree in Aviation and Space Sciences at Oklahoma State University. Murphy enjoys working with students and at one time was a senior member of the Civil Air Patrol. Along with her family, aviation is Murphy's passion.

Lance Lamkin

Lance is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, class of 2015. Currently, he is the Airport Director for the University of Oklahoma’s: Max Westheimer Airport. Prior to working with the University, Lance was the airport operations manager for Guthrie-Edmond Regional airport for three years and served as the Federal Affairs intern for the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) in Washington D.C. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management with minors in Business, and Air Traffic Control. He has also received a Master’s in Aerospace Administration and Logistics, from Southeastern Oklahoma State University where he graduated with honors. 

Lance has served with the Oklahoma Airport Operators Association (OAOA) for six years. Recently, he was selected to serve as OAOA Secretary for the association. As a way to help develop future leaders, Lance teaches Aviation Management at the University of Oklahoma and serves as the faculty advisor for the Sooner Chapter of AAAE. Lamkin also works closely with the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE), where he serves on the Academic Relations Committee, US Contract Tower Committee, General Aviation Committee, and the Young Professionals Committee as Vice Chair.

Marian Brown

Retired Academic Adviser OU Department of Aviation

Marian began her career with the University of Oklahoma in 1979 and retired from the University in May 2013.  Marian has a long history with OU beginning in 1979 with the Admissions Office and then University College as a Curriculum Advisor.  Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree, she did recruiting with Prospective Student Services for three years, and then spent 16 years with the OU Alumni Association assisting with alumni activities, the Black Alumni Societies and club scholarship programs.  After leaving the OU Alumni Association in 2005 and prior to becoming an academic counselor with the Aviation Department she was employed with Langston University - Oklahoma City Campus, Rehabilitation Counseling Graduate Programs Office as an Administrative Specialist.  While employed at OU, Marian was a member of the Oklahoma Academic Advising Association (OACADA), NACADA (National Association), PACAA (Provost Advising Association), Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc, and a member of the board for Crossroads Youth and Family Services in Norman.  Marian obtained both her Bachelor of Science in 1984 and her Master of Human Relations in 1996 from the University of Oklahoma.

John Chubbuck

John Chubbuck is a transactional attorney whose practice is primarily focused on aircraft matters that fall under the purview of the Federal Transportation Code, FAA Regulations, FAA Aircraft Registry, Cape Town Convention and the International Registry. His practice regularly involves reviewing FAA records for aircraft, engines and propellers and advising local, national and international clients regarding title issues and liens and encumbrances of record at the FAA and International Registry. He also reviews security agreements, leases, bills of sale and other documents to ensure compliance with FAA regulations and procedures. His practice also involves advising clients regarding the utilization of corporate aircraft in compliance with Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 91 and 135. 

In addition to his private practice, John serves as an adjunct professor at the Oklahoma City University School of Law, and the University of Oklahoma, School of Aviation, where he teaches aviation law. 

John’s achievements have earned him inclusion in Oklahoma Super Lawyers’ list of “Oklahoma Rising Stars,” which recognizes the state’s top up-and-coming attorneys. John earned his bachelor’s degree in aviation management from the University of Oklahoma in 2006, working as a part-time flight instructor for much of his undergraduate career. Prior to attending law school, he served as an assistant chief flight instructor for a private flight school where he coordinated the school’s Federal Aviation Regulations Part 141 training program and oversaw regulatory compliance with respect to the school’s operational aspects. John is a certified flight instructor and holds a commercial pilot’s certificate for airplane single and multi-engine land and single-engine sea.