Where is the institute held?

All classes are held at the Thurman J. White Forum Building, 1704 Asp Avenue, Norman, OK.  


Check-in begins at 7:00am on Monday, June 24th.  Classes will begin at 8:00am.  Classes will be Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.


Parking Station instructions and parking code will be provided by email prior to the institute dates.  

Can my school provide a purchase order for the $50 Registration Deposit?

No.  The $50 non-refundable Registration Deposit may not be paid via purchase order.  The $50 Registration Deposit is due in the form of a check or credit card when the registration form is submitted.  ALL participants are required to pay the $50 Registration Deposit.

What do I do if I need to cancel my registration?

Cancellations must be provided in writing by sending an email to precollegiateprograms@ou.edu or  fax to 405-325-0860.  Cancellations must be received and dated no later than May 31.

What is the registration deadline?

Registrations will be accepted through May 31.

I am registered and not able to attend.  Can my co-worker take my spot?

No.  Teachers who are on a waiting list have first priority to available seats.  Your co-worker may submit a registration form and will be registered for a subject should space become available.

Can I show up on the first day in case there is an available spot?

No.  Walk-ins will not be accepted.

Will you hold a spot for me?

No.  Classes are filled as completed registration forms and the $50 Registration Deposit are received.

Can you take my registration over the phone?

No.  Participants are required to read and sign page 2 of the registration form indicating they have read and understand the information provided on the form and institute web site.

What should I bring?

Click on the Course Descriptions tab at the top left corner of the institute home page and refer to your registered subject to determine what your consultant has requested you bring, prepare, etc.  You will be receiving textbooks and classroom materials so we encourage all participants to bring a backpack or tote bag.  Some participants find the Forum building to be very cool so a sweater or jacket is HIGHLY recommended.  All participants are encouraged to bring a laptop.

I found out I will be teaching a different subject.  Can I change to a different class?

If your request is received no later than May 31, space is available and no one is on the waiting list, we can change you to a different class.  All changes must be requested in writing and sent to precollegiateprograms@ou.edu.

Can I register for one subject and be on the waiting list for another?

No.  We feel it isn’t fair to other teachers trying to register.

What if the subject I want is full?

If the subject you request is full, and you want to be placed on the waiting list, please submit your registration form WITHOUT the $50 Registration Deposit.  Your $50 Registration Deposit will be collected if a seat becomes available.  If a seat does become available, we will contact you at the email address you provide on your registration form.  If you do not reply, we will move to the next person on the waiting list.

Can I check into the hotel on Monday rather than Sunday?

Yes.  However, you need to notify us at precollegiateprograms@ou.edu before June 20th so that we can notify the hotel.  

I didn’t request a hotel roommate, but I would like to room with a particular teacher.

Please request your change by May 31.  BOTH teachers involved must request each other and send their written request to precollegiateprograms@ou.edu.  

Can I change to a single hotel room when I check in at the hotel?

No.  There are a limited number of singles and the single hotel room fee is to be made payable to the University of Oklahoma – NOT the hotel.  A rooming list, comprised of teachers who have made hotel accommodations in advance, is provided to the hotel prior to the start date of the institute.  The hotel will only assign a room to names on the rooming list.

I am going to have to miss a particular day or hours during the institute.  Can I do this?

Yes.  However, certificates are only provided to those who attend 100% of the institute.  No exceptions.  If you miss some time, you may request a letter confirming the number of hours you attended.

I am from out-of-state, a privately funded school or not under contract for the next school year.  Is the Institute Fee the same whether I stay in the hotel or not?


Can my school provide a purchase order for my $665 Institute Fee?  (This only pertains to teachers from out-of-state or a privately-funded school).

Yes, but the fee MUST be paid before the first day of the institute (June 24th).

Will my $50 Registration Deposit be reimbursed?

No.  The Oklahoma State Department of Education no longer reimburses the $50 Registration Deposit.

What about refunds?

For teachers from out-of-state, not under contract, or from a privately funded school, the $665 Institute Fee will be refunded for cancellations made in writing and dated and received by May 31.  Refunds will not be issued for cancellations dated or received after May 31.  The $50 Registration Deposit is non-refundable.