OU Extended Campus representatives are here to help you through the college decision making process. Let us be your resource!

Missy Heinze - Director of Recruitment 

Missy Heinze is the director of recruitment for OU Extended Campus. Her previous experience helping nontraditional students achieve their goals made her a perfect fit for OU Extended Campus and its mission. She loves the life experiences, knowledge and passion that students bring to OU Extended Campus, and she is always excited to help them in any way she can.

“It’s not just about the degree or the ability to earn it; it’s everything that gets stirred up in the process that makes it a complex, interesting and inspiring experience. I love being there to help navigate where I’m needed and lessen the burden of getting started.”

At OU Extended Campus, Missy is responsible for recruiting new students for the college, as well as supervising the department staff. As director of recruitment, she is also responsible for hiring, training and supervising Future Student Services employees, seeking out strategic alliances and maintaining partnerships that align with the OU Extended Campus program audience, attending recruiting events and functioning as the recruitment-related point of contact for sites with which OU is affiliated.

(405) 325-0559

Christine Young - Admissions Advisor

Christine Young is a admissions advisor for OU Extended Campus. Before coming to OU Extended Campus, she worked with the OU School of Social Work in administrative assistance.

Christine joined OU Extended Campus because she wanted to work with prospective and current students to help them achieve their educational goals. At OU Extended Campus, she is responsible for recruiting new students for the college; she focuses on those interested in pursuing a degree in Prevention Science, Health and Human Services, and Museum Studies in particular. Her duties include identifying students who would be a good fit for OU Extended Campus, helping them through the application process, and providing support until admission.

(405) 325-1606

Kyle Miller Shawnee – Assistant Director of Recruitment, OU-Tulsa Enrollment and Student Financial Services

Kyle Miller Shawnee is the assistant director of recruitment in the OU-Tulsa campus Office of Enrollment and Student Financial Services. Before serving the OU-Tulsa campus in this capacity, he worked with Phillips Theological Seminary in recruitment and student services. Kyle serves as a direct point of contact for those seeking excellent higher education in the Tulsa area. He works with a range of prospective students from the initial discernment period all the way through admissions and beyond. 

“Often, the most difficult part of the admissions process for future students is the decision to begin. Serving those that make those courageous first steps into education is the highlight of my day and what makes this role so rewarding!” 

Kyle aims to focus his passion for social justice into empowering those he serves and building vital communities. He considers his work with underserved and marginalized populations a calling in life. He is engaged in social justice work with interfaith groups, the LGBTQ+ population, and the homeless population in Tulsa. He enjoys speaking with people from diverse socioeconomic, racial, theological, and gender identity backgrounds about how OU Extended Campus can help them achieve their goals in nonprofits, businesses, healthcare industries, and more!

(918) 660-3318