Undergraduate Degree Seeking Student Admissions

As part of the OU Extended Campus you can excel, exchange ideas, and change the world. 

You are an international students if a visa is required to reside and study in the United States. 

Learn the basics about applying as an international degree seeking student: 

Undergraduate International Admissions Process

  1. Visit with an OU Extended Campus Admissions Specialist via email at pacsregistration@ou.edu. Then complete application for admission.
  2. Office of OU Extended Campus Admissions receives $90.00 USD application and academic credentials.
  3. Office of OU Extended Campus Admissions evaluates and verifies academic credentials.
  4. Application and credential evaluation are reviewed by undergraduate level OU Extended Campus academic unit in concert with International Studies Services.
  5. Office of OU Extended Campus Admissions processes decision and notifies applicant.

International students who either want intensive English language courses or who are looking for an international pathway program in order to study at a university in the United States, need to apply through either, the Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) or Sooner Jump Start.


Gudielines for students seeking intensive English language courses on the Norman campus.


Guidelines for international students seeking a pathway program to tranisiton to a university in the United States.