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Roksana Alavi

Roksana Alavi
Associate Professor, Integrative Studies

Dr. Roksana Alavi is an Associate Professor of Integrative Studies for the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, as well as an affiliate faculty at the OU Philosophy department, and Women and Gender Studies department. Before teaching for OU, Dr. Alavi was an assistant professor of Philosophy in South Texas College.

Dr. Alavi received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Kansas and a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. Her research focuses on identity formation, race, gender, rights, stereotyping, and oppression in the field of social and political philosophy, as well as issues of human trafficking, both locally and globally. You can read some about her work in human trafficking here: https://www.engagedphilosophy.com/2019/10/07/roksana-alavi/. Her most recent work focuses around Iranian American identity:  https://rowman.com/isbn/9781498575102

Dr. Alavi has been teaching both online and on-campus courses for the college since 2011. She has developed and taught courses on ethics of leadership, diversity, women of Middle East, and human trafficking. She also developed the Diversity minor and graduate certificate for the College of Professional and Continuing Studies. She is actively engaged in both OU community and beyond in promoting social justice and creating a more inclusive environment. Among other things she serves in the executive board of National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in higher education. 


Email Roksana - alavi@ou.edu