John Duncan

John Duncan
Assistant Professor Integrative Studies

Dr. John Duncan is an Assistant Professor of Integrative Studies for the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, as well as an appointed Clinical Associate Professor for the OU College of Medicine.

Dr. Duncan received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma and has completed several years of post-doctoral research in biological psychology at the OU College of Medicine. His main philosophical interests are in phenomenology (the study of the structures of human experience), applied ethics, and media psychology and its influences on belief.

Dr. Duncan has 27 years of experience in law enforcement and routinely represents the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics in state, national, and international settings and has been published frequently in both academic and law enforcement journals regarding drug abuse.

Dr. Duncan is widely considered to be one of top authorities in the world on methamphetamine manufacture and abuse and has presented on this topic throughout the United States, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

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