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Bachelor of Arts in Lifespan Care Administration

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 120 hours is needed for a Bachelor of Arts - Lifespan Care Administration.
  • A minimum of 30 hours must be earned from the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies.
  • A minimum of 60 hours must be earned from a baccalaureate (four-year) institution.
  • A minimum of 40 hours must be upper-division coursework.
  • A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is needed for graduation.

General Requirements

  • 12 - 40 hours of coursework must be completed.
  • One upper division (3000/4000 level) Gen. Ed. course must be completed.
  • An Associate of Arts (AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) from an accredited two-year Oklahoma institution waives the lower-division general education requirements.
  • No more than 30 lower-division and upper-division hours can be waived with Prior Learning Assessments credit.

General Education Requirements

  • Symbolic and Oral Communication (nine to nineteen hours)
    • English Composition I or LSTD 1113 Interdisciplinary Composition I (three hours)
    • English Composition II or LSTD 1133 Interdisciplinary Composition II (three hours)
    • Math for Critical Thinking or LSTD 1053 Math for Liberal Studies (three hours)
    • Foreign Language - two courses in the same language or two years in high school. (Must be taken outside of the College of Professional and Continuing Studies) (10 hours)
  • Natural Science (seven hours)
    • One Lab Science (LSTD 2553 Interdisciplinary Life Sciences and LSTD 1513 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Physical Sciences)
    • One Non-Lab Science (LSTD 2533 Science as a Process)
  • Social Science (six hours)
    • American Federal Government or LSTD 1333 Governing Ourselves
    • Any Social Science Class such as LSTD 1313 What in the World are the Social Sciences
  • Humanities (12 hours)
    • Understanding Artistic Forms LSTD 3173 Renaissance Art
    • U.S. History or LSTD 1153 History of the United States
    • Upper-Division Western Civilization and Culture LSTD 3113 or 3133 Humanities of the Ancient or Modern World
    • Non-Western Culture LSTD 3193 Non-Western Art
  • Senior Capstone (three hours)
    • Met by Degree Completion Requirements (LSTD 4953 Study in Depth)

Degree Completion

Degree Courses (42 hours)*  

  • LSTD 3003 Interdisciplinary Inquiry (three hours)
  • LSLC 3113 Lifespan Development (three hours)
  • LSLC 3133 Lifespan Health (three hours)
  • LSLC 3153 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care (three hours)
  • LSLC 3173 Human Service Administration I (three hours)
  • LSLC 3203 Care of Infant and Child (three hours)
  • LSLC 3313 Issues in Adolescence I (three hours)
  • LSLC 3403 Issues in Geriatrics I (three hours)
  • LSLC 4063 Issues in Lifespan Research (three hours)
  • LSLC 4173 Human Service Administration II (three hours)
  • LSLC 4193 Human Service Budgeting and Finance (three hours)
  • LSLS 3953 Lifespan Capstone Prospectus (three hours)
  • LSTD 4953 Lifespan Practicum and Study-in-Depth (three hours)

*NOTE: All grades must be “C” or higher.

Early Childhood Track

  • LSLC 3233 Problems of the American Family (three hours)
  • LSLC 3273 Management of Infant and Child Care Facilities (three hours)
  • LSLC 4203 Parenting: Different Models (three hours)

Adolescence Track

  • LSLC 3333 Career and Life Development for Adolescents (three hours)
  • LSLC 3373 Management for Adolescent Residential Care Facilities (three hours)
  • LSLC 4313 Issuse in Adolescence II (three hours)

Geriatrics Track

  • LSLC 3423 Biology of Human Aging (three hours)
  • LSLC 3473 Management of Geriatric Care Facilities (three hours)
  • LSLC 4403 Issues in Geriatrics II (three hours)


Electives fulfill the remaining hours necessary for the completion of a BA degree after general education and BA major requirements have been met.

Electives can be taken online through the College of Professional and Continuing Studies and/or transferred from another college or university, subject to the minimum graduation requirements presented above.

Free electives (0-72 hours) (All grades must be "D" or higher)

Degree Planning Worksheet

Lifespan Care Administration Degree Planning Worksheet